I am a researcher in the field of History of Logic, with a special interest in Ancient and Medieval Logic.

Currently, I am a post-doc fellow at the University of Freiburg and, until January 2019, a visiting scholar at the University of Oxford. My postdoctoral research focuses on a project which has been funded with a DAAD PRIME fellowship, cofunded by the Marie Slokdovska Curie foundation. You may find a summary of this project here.

I received my PhD in September 2017 from the Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa, Italy). My doctoral dissertation focuses on 12th-century theories of modality, with a focus on Abelard’s modal logic. You may find my project on 12th century logic and my dissertation here.

I graduated at the University of Parma with a thesis on Aristotle’s theory of modality. I still collaborate with the University of Parma with many projects, such as the biennal Workshop on Medieval Logic and Metaphysis, the project “Idee in Bozza“, the project “Philo-diffusione“. In Parma, I also teach an introductory course to Logic and History of Logic.

Apart from medieval logic and modal theories, I am deeply fond of music (which often drives my neighbours quite mad), mountains, Italian food and slow ways of travelling. Since 2017, I am coordinator of festival IT.A.CÀ, dedicated to responsible tourism (editions: 20172018). I am also a member of the association “Il Taccuino di Darwin“, which organizes outreach events mostly dedicated to the topics of sustainability, inter-culturality and active citizenship.

You may find a version of my CV here (last update: December 2019).



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