A History of Potentialities. Oxford, February 28th

On February 28th, I will be at the University of Oxford presenting a paper on the History of Potentialities. I will talk about how the notions of ‘possibility’ and ‘potentiality’ have been constantly reshaped and redefined from ancient philosophy - by Aristotle, the Stoics, the Neoplatonic tradition - up to the early Middle Ages. This seminar will... Continue Reading →

Copenhagen, April 2018. “Modalities in the 12th century”

The Known & The Unknown Exploring Twelfth-Century Philosophy Conference on the twelfth-century commentaries on Aristotle, Boethius and Porphyry with a particular focus on the anonymous and to a large extent unedited material from the period. Speakers Chris Martin (University of Auckland) Caterina Tarlazzi (University of Geneva) Yukio Iwakuma (Fukui Prefectural University) Irene Binini (University of... Continue Reading →

Parma, March 2018. “Strategie medievali contro il determinismo logico”.

Lunedì 26 marzo, Irene Binini (University of Freiburg) terrà un seminario dal titolo “Strategie medievali contro il determinismo logico”. Il seminario si svolgerà in Aula Frege alle ore h. 12:30. E’ il terzo appuntamento del progetto “IDEE IN BOZZA”, il primo ciclo trasversale di seminari di filosofia organizzato da studenti  e dottorandi dell’Università di Parma. Il calendario di “IDEE IN BOZZA” è reperibile qui. ABSTRACT... Continue Reading →

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