I am a researcher in the field of History of Logic, with a special interest in Ancient and Medieval Logic. Currently, I am a post-doc fellow at the University of Freiburg and, until January 2019, a visiting scholar at the University of Oxford. My postdoctoral research focuses on a project which has been funded with... Continue Reading →


Here you may find a list of my recent publications: “‘My Future Son is Possibly Alive’. Existential Presupposition and Empty Terms in Abelard's Modal Logic”. History and Philosophy of Logic, 2018.  DOI: 10.1080/01445340.2018.1432925 You may find the article here.   “The Role of Differentiae in Abelard's Arguments for the Identity and Persistence of Substances”, in Medieval Mereology.... Continue Reading →

My current research on 12th century logic

My research focuses on medieval theories of modality and modal logic, with a particular attention to 12th century logical debates. My doctoral thesis offers a major reassessment of Peter Abelard’s theory of necessity and possibility, presenting it as being far more uniform and consistent than was until now recognized, and providing a deeper understanding of... Continue Reading →

Presenting the “Philo-Diffusione” project

The project “Philo-diffusione” aims to establish a collaboration between academic researchers and high-school teachers of philosophy courses. The project aims at promoting the knowledge of new aspects of philosophical academic research in the high-school curriculum, by creating new didactic units on underrepresented philosophical topics, by practicing these units in classes and by uploading these new didactic... Continue Reading →

Copenhagen, April 2018. “Modalities in the 12th century”

The Known & The Unknown Exploring Twelfth-Century Philosophy Conference on the twelfth-century commentaries on Aristotle, Boethius and Porphyry with a particular focus on the anonymous and to a large extent unedited material from the period. Speakers Chris Martin (University of Auckland) Caterina Tarlazzi (University of Geneva) Yukio Iwakuma (Fukui Prefectural University) Irene Binini (University of... Continue Reading →

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